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September 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Public Law Outline Section 1.5.2, Case Analysis has been updated to reflect the ‘permanence provisions’ of the Care Plan added by S.8 Children and Social Work Act 2017 (amending Section 31(3B) Children Act 1989) which a court is required to consider when deciding whether to make a Care Order. Additionally, Section 1.3, Pre-Proceedings has been significantly amended throughout and a new Public Law Outline Flow Chart and Appendices added: Appendix 1: PLO Proforma SWET; Appendix 2: PLO Letter Before Proceedings; Appendix 3: Letter Before Proceedings (Decision Already Made/Are Highly Likely to Issue).
Children and Young People at Risk of Sexual Exploitation This chapter has been significantly amended to reflect the current procedures and process in respect of sexual exploitation, particularly Section 7, The Phoenix/EXIT Teamwhich includes updated contact details and risk measurement tool (see Appendix 2: Phoenix/EXIT Risk Measurement Tool (RMT)), Appendix 5: Key Contacts has also been updated together with a number of relevant guidance, (see Relevant Guidance).
Social Worker Visits to Looked After Children This chapter has been reviewed and revised to set out more clearly the circumstances where visiting requirements differ in Section 2, Exceptions from those as set out in Section 1, Normal Frequency. The chapter emphasises that this reflects the minimum level of visits and acknowledges that visits may be more frequent following a review, (or other meeting), supervision and where direct work is required with the child or young person.
Promoting the Health of Looked After Children and Young People in Bolton This chapter has been amended to revise and develop the section on Issues of Consent. (Please see the new Section 5, Issues of Consent).
Leaving Care Service This chapter has been comprehensively updated and amended to reflect Chapter 1 of the Children and Social Work Act 2017: extended support to all care leavers under 25 if requested and needed; Corporate Parenting, including the seven corporate parenting principles and the requirement for all local authorities to develop a ‘local offer’ for care leavers. (See new Section 3, Children and Social Work Act 2017 - The Impact Upon Leaving Care Services and Care leavers). An updated Relevant Guidance Section includes: ‘Extending Personal Adviser Support to All Care Leavers to Age 25’: Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities (February 2018)’; ‘Applying Corporate Parenting Principles to Looked-after Children and Care Leavers - Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities (February 2018)’ and ‘Local Offer Guidance: Guidance for Local Authorities’.
Fostering Services Statement of Purpose This chapter has been fully reviewed and updated.
Joint Protocol For Children and Young People Missing From Home and Care This chapter has been updated to reflect current departmental processes and procedures, together with organisations that work with and support those who run away from home or care and issues that are associated with this. Note the RUNA project, operated by Urban Outreach, will undertake independent return interviews for all young people who have been reported missing, unless the allocated social worker informs them that another worker is better placed to do it (see Return Interviews in Section 4, Missing from Care).
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Statutory Visits: Good Practice Guidance for Children Subject to Child Protection Plans This chapter focusses on the visiting and recording of children who have a Child Protection Plan and seeks to provide a framework for both practice and recording key details in terms of those who are in the household; noting relevant changes and assessing the environment in which the children live, including those who are present when visited. Emphasis is placed on seeing the child alone and where this is routinely denied, there should be a discussion with the manager. There is also a link to other recording guidance (see Home Visit Case Recording in Section 2, Children Subject to Child Protection Plans).

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