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September 2017

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Children and Young People at Risk of Sexual Exploitation This chapter has been updated to add a link to DfE Child sexual exploitation: definition and guide for practitioners (2017).
Promoting the Health of Looked After Children and Young People in Bolton This chapter has been updated by adding a link to Children’s Attachment: Attachment in Children and Young People who are Adopted from Care, in Care or at High Risk of Going into Care, NICE Guidelines (NG26), (see Relevant Guidance). This guideline covers the identification, assessment and treatment of attachment difficulties in children and young people up to age 18 who are adopted from care, in special guardianship, looked after by local authorities in foster homes (including kinship foster care), residential settings and other accommodation, or on the edge of care. It aims to address the many emotional and psychological needs of children and young people in these situations, including those resulting from abuse.
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Placement for Adoption This chapter has been updated to add a link to ’research in practice, Contact after adoption’ in Relevant Guidance. This highlights practical resources which bring together knowledge from research and practice to support professionals to be reflective and explore their own assumptions, attitudes and values when developing contact plans.
Special Guardianship Orders This chapter has been amended to add a new Section 8, Variation and Discharge of Special Guardianship Order; Section 10, The Special Guardianship Support Plan and Section 11, Review of Special Guardianship Support Plans.
Section 4, Who can apply to be a Special Guardian? has been amended.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details
Personal Care and Relationships This chapter details some key and pragmatic issues relating to children looked after and covers a range of things such as Physical Contact; Intimate Care; Sexual Activity; Pornography; Contraception and Pregnancy; Enuresis and Encopresis; Sexual Exploitation; Guidance in Relation to Personal care and Relationships, etc.
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