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1.1.4 Procedure for Updating this Procedures Manual

This manual will be regularly updated, usually at six-monthly intervals. To request or suggest changes to any of the documents in this manual, please contact

This manual contains links to many other websites, produced by a wide range of national and local government bodies. We try, through our updating process, to make sure that all these links are current and working. However, if you do find a link which does not appear to work, please notify Richard Sly on the address above.

The next update is due to go live online in March 2015.

The table of amendments in the Amendments includes a comprehensive list of the updated and new chapters for each edition of the manual and the nature of the amendments.

When the manual is updated, the contents list will show new chapters and the existing chapters that have been updated. As well, a note of the changes will be included in the relevant chapter.

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