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View Greater Manchester SCB Procedures View Greater Manchester SCB Procedures

6.2.12 Intercountry Adoption

The Agency, along with other agencies in the North West, has a service level agreement with Adoption Matters whereby we pay them £750.00 per annum to carry out the initial counselling and information for service users seeking to adopt a child from overseas.

They will provide appropriate written information, advice and counselling which will enable prospective applicants to understand the process of adopting a child from overseas and reach an informed decision as to whether to proceed with an application. During this period only, we would be responsible for the cost of an interpreter if needed.

If they subsequently wish to proceed, the assessment will then be carried out by Adoption Matters but the financial arrangements for this will be between the applicant and the Agency.

Our responsibilities (Section 6) relates to the need to be involved when a child is placed. We have to visit and hold reviews to look at the progress of the child in placement until their eventual adoption.

If the Agency receives an enquiry about inter country adoption, a leaflet will be sent to them explaining who they should contact as a next step (see Appendix 1).

Appendix 1 is available from the Adoption Service.